Kill All The Gentlemen


The Faustian Delusion - EP (Limited Edition Digi-Pack)

Image of The Faustian Delusion - EP (Limited Edition Digi-Pack)

The studio version of 'The Faustian Delusion' sounds so intense and exciting I can only begin to imagine the impact these tracks will have when I see them played live. A highly recommended listen and one that's guaranteed to clear away all those brain cobwebs. (

I expected this to be good - delighted to confirm it's far better than just good though - and really if this is the quality of release I'm going to be forced to endure in 2016 I expect to be walking round with my statutory daft arsed metalhead grin for most of it. (TBFM online)

Track listing

-At Your Peril
-Eritis Sicut Deus
-Raped by Ghosts